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Energy Insights Data Central: HP Helps WEF Focus on Energy Efficiency with New Energy Architecture (NEA)
Jan 27, 2012 – Shelby Watts

We’ve reached the halfway point at the World Economic Forum and are celebrating the great work that our employees do, not only here in Davos this week, but also throughout the year. As we’ve previously discussed, HP’s commitment to the World Economic Forum goes well-beyond attending the Annual Meeting in Switzerland. We have employees around the globe and in numerous different divisions who work with WEF to create meaningful thought-leadership, contributing their expertise and knowledge skills to augment issues about which WEF advocates. Today, during a private review session for delegates attending WEF, the NEA (New Energy Architecture) report was released for discussion. The NEA was developed with key insights from HP’s Juergen Arnold, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking. The report is designed to help build a methodology to assist decision-makers make the transition to energy efficiency and Arnold’s work examines the role that ICT (information, communication and technology) plays as being a key enabler for transformation of energy systems. After collecting feedback from today’s review at WEF, the report will incorporate the changes before releasing to the public. Creating sustainable solutions that are helping to meet the world’s growing need for new and efficient ways of living and working has long been a priority for HP. Our customers are cutting their technology energy consumption and costs by more than half with energy efficient products. In fact, our products are on average 50% more energy efficient today than they were in 2005. Now that’s transformation.

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